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Letter from the Bishops Office


V.        During the month of August,   the Official Board of the local church shall appoint a "Pastoral Selection Committee" consisting of three (3) church members - one member chosen from the Official Board who shall serve as the Chairperson and two members at large who are considered in good standing within said church.  The express purpose of this committee is to pass out blank ballots as supplied by the Conference Secretary.  The Chairman of the Pastoral Selection Committee should contact the Conference Secretary and advise if their local church desires ballots for either a full-time or part-time pastor. On the second Sunday in September, members and probationers are each to receive one (1) ballot and must be present unless because of mitigating circumstances they can't be present, in such cases, ballots may be obtained from the committee no later than the third Sunday in September. Each member and probationer is to mark their choice for Pastor. Ballots are to be tabulated by the Pastoral Selection Committee. If a Clergyman receives seventy percent (70 %) or more of the total votes cast no further voting is necessary. This name shall be forwarded to the Delegate to be presented to the Cabinet at Annual Conference as called for by the Presiding Bishop. If no one receives 70% of the votes cast the two top vote getters names will be given to the Conference Secretary.     

The elected Delegate will contact the Conference Secretary and provide them the two names of the clergy receiving the most votes. The Conference Secretary will provide the Delegate with Ballots containing the two names. The Delegate will then distribute these ballots to all Full and Probationary members on the second Sunday in October. Each member must be present unless mitigating circumstances prevent them from being there. In such cases, a ballot may be obtained from the Delegate no later than the third Sunday in October. Ballots will be tabulated by the Delegate and results presented to the Cabinet at Annual Conference as called for by the Presiding Bishop.

The results of tabulated ballots, both by the Pastoral Selection Committee and the elected Delegate shall be kept for thirty (30) days after Annual Conference has convened. If no questions arise, ballots may be properly disposed of. No clergy shall be involved in the election process. If a problem arises, the elected Delegate should contact the Conference Superintendent or the Presiding Bishop. If these guidelines are NOT followed, the Presiding Bishop has the authority to invalidate the process.

No Ballot is allowed to leave the Church premises unless taken by the Chairman of the Pastoral Selection Committee or Delegate. This ballot is to be delivered to a member with mitigating circumstances as determined by the Chairman or the Delegate.

New Bethel Historical Photos



Bottom row L-R: Myra Oxendine, Tosha Oxendine,  Nakia Hunt-2ND row L-R: Micheala Oxendine, Twila Swett, Micky Michelle Chavis, Yulonda Sanderson, Kawanda Jacobs, Natasha  Oxendine -3RD rowL-R: Denee” Chavis, Julie Hunt, Joy Barfield- 4Th row L-R: Tammy Sanderson, Chris Ransom,  Darrin Hunt, Dee Dee Hunt



Mr. Jimmy Sanderson


Bottom L-R: Addie Mae Oxendine, Loubert a Hunt, Leyona Hammonds,  Middle L-R: Manteo Clark, Aurthur Shull, Mackeley Oxendine, Ester Mae Deese, Clover Hunt Top L-R: Vernie Hunt, W.O. Strickland, Hilton Deese


Mrs. Clover Lee Hunt, Choister



Bottom L to R- (5) Edna Mitchell, Mary Ann Hunt, Delilah Sanderson (Ms Dock), Blummey Brooks

Middle L to R (6) Anna Strickland, Suzie Sampson, Anna Clark, Margaret Hunt, Mary Swett, Eva Shull

Top L to R (5) Jeanette Hunt, Reva Freeman, Annie Ruth Oxendine, Carrie Mae Oxendine, Cleaty Ransom

L-R Mackeley Oxendine, Clover Hunt, W.O. Strickland, Leyona Hammonds

Bottom L-R: Carol O Hunt, Olinda Ransom, Phylis Hunt, Jennifer  Hunt, Vivian Swett, Paulette Hunt, Carvicous Barfield Middle L-R: Lib Jacobs, Kathy Oxendine,  Evelyn Oxendine, Tina Chavis, Jeanette Freeman Top L-R: Hollie Hunt, Willie Jacobs Jr., Ronnie Hunt, Welton Oxendine Jr., Benny Oxendine, Greg Sanderson.



Union Chapel Class Mission Project


Throughout the summer quarter, our Standard Lesson Commentary has focused on the Christian Commitment in Today’s World.  The teachings that have been brought forth by God through Brother Calton Oxendine and Brother Tim Locklear has taught us that even though we tell people we love them ‘love’ is an action word that must be shown.  On August 21, 2010, as Sister Bonnie Locklear’s anticipated knee surgery drew near, this love was put into action through the teamwork of God, the Union Chapel Holiness Methodist Church Brotherhood, and the Union Chapel Holiness Methodist Church Adult #2 class by building her a wheelchair ramp.  Members met on the Saturday date and accomplished the mission in 3 hours in order to give her more accessibility to her home after the surgery.  Christians must continue to apply God’s word to their lives and do the will that God has commissioned to be done.  We ask that you remember Sister Bonnie’s surgery and recovery as well as remembering our church members in carrying on the work of the Lord.  As the day came to an end and reflecting on the work completed, we must always remember the very important scriptures that God has made available for us to use for him.  One important scripture applied for today’s mission would be Philippians 2:13:   “For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure”.
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