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Union Chapel: Hot Topics, Buddhism

budda_2Union Chapel- On November, 21 2010 a different type of Bible Study group met for the first time moderated by Sister Heather Locklear  what made this one so unique is the fact that the study centered round a religion other than Christianity and how we as believers should relate to it. There were some great questions and very open discussion about what those who follow the teachings of Buddha believe and how they are different from those of Christianity and what similarities might be in place. Those individuals present for this first informal session were:

Heather Locklear, Tim Paul Locklear, Mrs. Diane Goins

April Locklear,Mrs. Mertis Oxendine, Gene Deese

Willie Scott, Dwayne Lowry, Willie Ann Locklear

Avery Keith Chavis, NJ McNeill, Heather Hagans

The next coffee table discussion will be 6 pm December, 19 2010 at Union Chapel Holiness Methodist Church and will focus on Islam or the Muslim faith and all are invited to attend.

110th Annual Conference Review

110_Annual_Conf_eltonWakulla- Cherokee Chapel Holiness Methodist Church is hosting the 110th session of the Lumber River Conference of the Holiness Methodist Church meeting November, 12-14 2010. The annual meeting is convened as a both a worship service and as a time for reporting on church life, as well as, budget and pastoral appointments. The event was kicked off by Conference Superintendent- the Reverend Elton Hunt who introduced this year's theme of "Committed to Service." He emphasized to both clergy and laity present that as the leaders of the conference that there must be a renewed commitment to the Word of God (the Holy Bible) and an intentional commitment to serve others. The morning Worship was concluded with celebration of the Lord's Supper administered by the Reverends Perry Roberts (New Prospect) and Robin Hammonds (Macedonia).

110_Annual_Conf_bishopWakulla- Cherokee Chapel Holiness Methodist Church hosted the first session of the 2010 Annual Conference. The Reverend Bishop James Harold Woods was once again elected as the Presiding Bishop and called the conference to order. The Conference roll was called and the Conference Bar seated after which Sister Dianne B. Belcher, was elected to serve as the Conference Secretary. Also elected were Brother Palmer Ray Bryant, as Conference Treasurer, Brother Crawley Locklear as the Conference Sunday School Supervisor while Sister Kathy Oxendine was elected as Conference Lay Leader. The following reports were given and received by the Annual Conference:

Program Report- the Reverend Steve Locklear

Stewards Report- the Reverend Perry Roberts

Treasurer's Report- Brother Palmer Ray Bryant

Board of Trustees- the Reverend Crites Oxendine

Budget Committee- the Reverend Jimmy Locklear

Conference Superintendent- the Reverend Elton B. Hunt

110_Annual_Conf_darlinThe Conference also recognized and received a report from Sister Darlene Jacobs who currently serves as the Executive Director of the Robeson County Church and Community Center. At the close of the morning session a most excellent lunch was provided by the Church. The cooks and servers are to be highly commended for excellent service and a welcoming atmosphere.

110_Annual_Conf_marvinWakulla- The Lumber River Conference of the Holiness Methodist Church concluded the first day of its 2010 Annual Conference with a worship service led by the Reverend Jimmy Locklear and a sermon delivered by the Reverend Marvin Locklear. During his sermon he challenged those present with the question, What are you committed to? He was quick to remind the audience that "we all can get better", emphasizing that when the Christian becomes still they begin to diminish spiritually.  

110_willie_jacobsWakulla- The second day proceedings of the 2010 Annual Conference of the Holiness Methodist Church continued with morning worship service led by Mr. Jennings Bullard (Cherokee Chapel) the sermon was delivered by the Reverend Willie Jacobs Jr. pastor of New Bethel Holiness Methodist Church. Continuing with the theme of "Committed to Service" the Reverend Jacobs shared with the audience that there were five things that needed to happen in order for there to be success in the service of the Lord believers must be "committed to, with, in, for and by God".

110_Janson_LowreyWakulla- Day two procedures of the 2010 Annual Conference concluded with a wonderful time of worship and a great moving of the Holy Spirit. The Service was led once again by Mr. Jennings Bullard who recognized Mr. Jason B. Lowry who gave an outstanding testimony to the power of God from his years of military service during World War II on three fronts in Northern Africa, France and Germany. During the fighting he survived a battle in which 30,000 soldiers were killed sharing that the march to victory took him over a river filled with the blood of men, but one day soon he would get to cross the "Jordan River" by the blood of Jesus.

110_singingHe shared some great pearls of wisdom for the young and old alike. He stressed that there were four steps necessary for us to be happy. First and most important was Salvation followed by getting a good education third was the responsibility to have a good vocation and finally from time to time we need to take a good vacation. After which the Cherokee Chapel Drama Team sang and performed it was during this time that there was a magnificent moving of the Spirit. The service was concluded with beautiful singing by Sister Mary Elizabeth Locklear.


Wakulla- It was announced today by the Ministerial Qualification Board that the Reverend Robin Hammonds of Macedonia church would receive his Elders Orders while the Reverend William Tom Morgan of Riverside Memorial would be ordained a Deacon in the Lumber River Conference. The Service of Ordination would take place Sunday November 14, 2010 at Cherokee Chapel as part of the final day of the 110th Annual Conference of the Lumber River Conference of the Holiness Methodist Church.


For more photos please click here, For Agenda click here

Agenda 110th Annual Conference

110th Annual Session
Of the
Lumber River Conference
Of the
Holiness Methodist Church
Held at
Cherokee Chapel Church
November 12, 13 and 14, 2010


1.  Worship Service

      A.  Hymn 
      B.  Prayer
      C.  Sacrament of the Lords Supper

II. Call To Order And Preliminaries

     A.  Roll Call
       1.  Permanent Bar Members
       2.  Unexcused Absences
     B.  Seating of Delegates, Alternates and Lay Representatives
     C.  Location of the Conference Bar 
     D.  Set Time of Opening, Closing and Recess
     E.  Appoint Leaders for Second Day Worship Service      
     F.  Welcome Visitors and Lay Conference Members
     G.  Election of Presiding Conference Bishop (Secret Ballot)
     H.  Election of:
       1.  Conference Secretary (Nomination Committee Recommendation)  
       2.  Conference Treasurer (Nomination Committee Recommendation) 
       3.  Conference Lay Leader (Nomination Committee Recommendation)  
       4.  Conference Sunday School Supervisor (Nomination CommitteeRecommendation) 
      I.  Secure Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of Members
      J.  Passing of the Character of Ministers and Conference Members

III.  Minutes

     A.  Approval of Minutes of August, 2010, Special Session 

IV.    Program

     A. Program Committee Report

V.  Conference Officers and Stewards Reports

     A.  Treasurer    
     B.  Trustees            
     C.  Stewards 
     D.  Superintendent 
     E.  Sunday School Supervisor          
     F.  Lay Leader            
     G. Youth For Christ Treasurer

VI. Standing Boards and Committee Reports

     A.  Ministerial Qualifications Board Report
     B.  Set Ordination Service (if any) 
     C.  Home and Foreign Mission Board Report
     D.  Budget Committee Report          
     E.  Calendar Report 
     F.  Standing Investigation Committee Report        
     G.  Election of 2010 - 2011 Standing Investigation Committee Report   
     H.  Education Board Report 

VII.  Special Committees Report (if any)

VIII.  Individual Reports

      A.  Special Pastoral Assignments
       1.  Were There Any Special Assignments During The Conference Year?
Rev. Crites Oxendine - Mission Church           Rev. Oscar Henderson - Mt. Carmel Church 
Rev. Wayland Anderson Sandy Ridge      
     B.  Approval of Pastoral Reports
     C.  Approval of Evangelists Reports 
     D.  Approval of Missionaries Reports 

IX.  Unfinished Business From Prior Sessions, Special Meetings (if any)

     A. Purchase of Internet Service for the Conference Headquarters

X.    New Business

     A.  D. F. Lowery Service Record (Clerical)
     B. Official name of the Conference (Legislative)
     C. Relationship between Sandy Ridge, Mt. Carmel and Mission Church (Judicial)
     D. Charge to uphold the Book of Doctrine and Discipline (Judicial)
     E. Pastoral oversight (Judicial)

XI.  Special Orders (Disciplinary Questions)

  1.  What Committees and Boards shall be elected?
       a.  Program Committee (elect 3)
       b. Home and Foreign Mission Board
       c. Ministerial Qualification Board
       d. Budget Committee 
       e.  Nominating Committee
       f.  Educational Board
  2.  Who have been received on trial?
  3.  Who remains on trial?
  4.  Who have been discontinued?
  5.  Was the character of each conference member passed?
  6.  Who has been received on credentials?
  7.  Who has been received into full connection?
  8.  Who has been elected and ordained deacon?     
  9.  Who shall be Standing Investigation Committee?
10.  Who shall be Program Committee?
11.  Who has been elected and ordained elder?
12.  Who has been elected and ordained Bishop?
13.  Who are on trial in studies of the first year?
14.  Who are on trial in studies of the second year?
15.  Which members are in studies of the third year?
16.  Which members are in studies of the fourth year?
17.  Have any withdrawn?
18.  Have any been expelled?
19.  Who have died?
20.  Who shall be Conference Treasurer?
21.  Who shall be Conference Steward?
22.  Who shall be Conference Trustee?
23.  Who shall be Sunday School Supervisor?
24.  Who shall constitute the Sunday School Board?
25.  Who shall be Lay Leader of Young People?
26.  Who shall constitute the Nominating Committee?
27.  Who shall constitute the Education Board?'
28.  What is the statistical report?
29.  Where are the preachers stationed?
30.  Where shall the next Annual Conference be held?

XII.  Unfinished Business:  

    a.  Allocation of Conference Funds
    b.  Are there any Amendments to the Proposed Budget 
    c.  Are there any Special Projects to the Allocated from Reserve Funds 

XII.  Unfinished Business

XIII.  Recommendations:

XIV.  Announcements 

XV.  Adjournment


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