Our mission is to fulfill Christ’s command in the “Great Commission,”

Matthew 28:19-20 "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you; and lo, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen."


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Latest Articles for all Churches

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Flores Family Home 2015 (Shoeheel)


This is an update on the Flores family home the first picture is the master bedroom when it was gutted and being prepared for new material. The second photo(below) was while the room was in repair and of course is the finished product. Please search our photo gallery to view many more pictures of this worthwhile project in process. Once again let us thank everyone who worked so very hard to make this Christmas a very special one for this family

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In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving Day celebrations. The festivities were centered round a profound appreciation for the mercies of God which had been bestowed upon them. Thanking Him for food, raiment and the religious freedom they now had to worship Him as they chose. It is amazing how an event can change over a period of time and in the nearly 400 years since that first sacred dinner look at what has become of that Day. Now it is about football games and the kick-off of the Christmas shopping season. People waiting on "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" sales, fighting over items at the local Wal-mart has become the norm with very little thought of God and no appreciation for His mercies upon our lives. It can be depressing if you focus on all the negativity which now shames this great holiday.

But cheer up my friends there is good news to tell about this past Thanksgiving, members of the Lumber River Conference of the Holiness Methodist Church (LRCHMC) Shoeheel, New Bethel and New Prospect Holiness Methodist Churches, the Triple C Cruisers, the Prospect Men's Club, the Burnt Swamp Baptist Association, the N.C. Baptist Men's Association, family and friends took on the task of helping a family in need not in the Philippines, New Mexico, South Dakota or elsewhere but right here in Robeson County. On Thanksgiving Day some 45 people of all ages converged on the home of Mario, Maria, Jonathon, Antonio and little Mario a family currently attending Shoeheel. The team started by literally tearing the place apart removing paneling, carpet, old cabinets, doors, windows it all had to go. They also removed a room from off the back of the trailer. Once this was accomplished the volunteers commenced to replace everything with new material new bathtubs, commodes, sinks and vanities, The workers repaired and replaced all of the floors with material that was so graciously donated by the N.C. Men's Association. The entire unit received new insulation, new plumbing and all the electrical was upgraded.

Over the three-day period meals were provided by friends and family for all the workers who came from age seven to seventy. Meals included turkey, ham, Boston butts, chicken bog, all the sides and cakes that you could have hoped for. But what made it so special was the fellowship that came along with a project like this. Baptist or Methodist, young or old, well-educated or never got out of elementary, man or woman, boy or girl none of that was important because it was "ALL ABOUT JESUS". If you asked most of the people attending this work-team event "why they were there?" they would say it was because they were so grateful to Jesus Christ and what he had done for them in their lives. Perhaps that is as close to that first Thanksgiving we are going to be able to get but we as Christians should be doing it more often. The project is not complete but will be in a few days now this family has to get moved back into their new home. Many have responded by donating, furniture, beds, sofas, linens and etc. The goal is to then find the next project for God's Glory. It is impossible to list all of the people who have made this event a success we have listed a few but so many more stepped up to the plate here. Special thanks to Ronald and Darlene Lockear for allowing this family to stay with them until the job is completed. We want to especially thank everyone of you who came and worked, donated time and money, materials, food, supplies and if there is anyone we have overlooked know that God has took note of your service and sacrifice on behalf of His Jesus Christ and will reward you for it. If you and your church are not involved in service to your community but would like to be simply get up and start doing, time for the work of the kingdom of heaven is running out. We must work while there is light for there comes a time when no man can work.


Hey, give me a minute! Dedication vs Commitment

"Dedication is cheap; True Commitment is expensive. It will always cost you your life.
-Dwayne Lowry-

In the course of church service over the past thirty years the concern has been and perhaps will always be how to encourage born again believers to get committed to the person of Jesus Christ and the great tasks of evangelizing the world and making disciples for the kingdom of God. The scriptures in psalms 37:5 compels the reader to "Commit" their way to the Lord; which, is often met with excitement and joy. Yet this passage goes so much further, it calls for the student to also "Trust" in the Lord as well. The combination of these two words cries for the scholar to travel past outer fringes of "Church life and Church memberships and beckons the Believers to delve into the sincere depth of "Christianity". Going beyond the comfort zone of Sunday morning gatherings and midweek services to a life totally focused on a daily walk initiated by Jesus Christ and accomplished being led by the Holy Spirit.
Perhaps the following analogy can demonstrate the subtle yet very significant difference between a dedicated church member and a fully committed Christian. A farmer went out one day to feed his livestock the weather this particular day was very miserable. Being thankful the chickens and hogs decided to provide their faithful farmer with a good breakfast. When the appointed time came the rooster who along with the hens had dedicated themselves to the meal project dropped out two eggs with no fanfare. The hog looked over at them and said make sure you give him the best part of the ham. The moral of the story being the hens did what was very easy for them and what came very natural but for the hogs to fulfill their part someone had to die, now that's commitment.

Time's up.

Pastor Appreciation Dinner 2015 (Shoeheel)

pastor app 2015 sh

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Maxton-Shoeheel Holiness Methodist Church recently held a Pastor and family Appreciation dinner for the Reverend Dwayne and Teresa Lowry and their three adult children, daughters Nicole and Gertrude (Trudy) and their son Roman their in-laws and grandchildren where present with several of their closest friends along with members of the church making it a real family reunion. The children presented him with a wonderful appreciation skit using various candies to tell them how much they loved him. Mrs. Teresa or sister T as she affectionately known was given a special love gift that she promptly gave over to the preacher. He is one blessed guy. After service everyone moved over to the fellowship hall where the pastor and family and friends were seated at the head table and served some outstanding home-style cooking and a bountiful array of cakes and pies. But as our pastor always reminds us "if you really want to show your pastor that you appreciate him show up Sunday morning and Wednesday nights don't forget the clean-up days and tell some lost person everyday about the truly Amazing love of Jesus. And remember it is ALL ABOUT JESUS". Thanks pastor and sister T we Love you.

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