Our mission is to fulfill Christ's command in the Great Commission,

Matthew 28:19-20 "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you; and lo, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen."

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The history of the general church spans some two thousand years. The modern parishioner, for the most part, has little to no knowledge of church governance and polity. A simplified version of church government is the Episcopal and Congregational. At first sight, these seem very similar but in fact, are unique and vary greatly, again this is an oversimplification of the system but the congregational system of government lies solely in the hands of the "congregation". An example of this is most local independent churches who hire or call the pastor of the church at their discretion. The qualifications for the position are defined by the local church body often represented by a board of directors or deacons, who interview potential candidates and hire and dismiss them as they desire.
The second system of government is the Episcopal in which the local church is part of a larger group of churches referred to as a conference. In which the local church has equal representation that has the responsibility to elect a single person (Bishop) who appoints or assigns a pastor to the local church as they view appropriately. This system is often misunderstood by both those governed and the one elected to serve as the Head (Bishop). When duly elected the Presiding Bishop, by the virtue of his election has the sole authority for the appointment process. This appointing is made once a year at an Annual Conference (Meeting) where the clergy and duly elected delegates from the local church gather to do the business of the church.

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Care Facility Cook Out 2019 Shoeheel






Maxton-One of my favorite sayings is "ministry is never convenient" it often seems that the work of the Lord comes at the most inopportune time with our personal lives. But from time-to-time, every now and then, the Lord just does what seems improbable. Such was the case recently when Shoeheel Holiness Methodist Church (SHMC) had a planned picnic and barbeque for the residents and staff of the Rowland Personal-Touch Family Care Facility (RPTCF). Members of the church also provided animals (camel, goat, Llama, miniature horse and cow) for the residents to enjoy. Expectations were that perhaps 40 people or so would be in attendance but participants were pleasantly surprised when members of the Crossroads Cruisers for Christ a local antique car club arrived with their old cars and trucks for the residents to see. Unexpectedly but thoroughly enjoyed was a large number of people who just stopped in to be a part of the festivities giving an opportunity for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be shared. Brother Mitchell Harris along with his wife Claire Rees led the day's activities assisted by the Reverend Harold Jacobs, the animal wrangler and caretaker while the Antique cars were a result of the efforts of Brother Dennis Dial.

The Reverend Ramnarine Ramjeawan at Shoeheel 2019


Maxton- September 15, 2019 Shoeheel Holiness Methodist Church (SHMC) - The congregation, family and friends in attendance were treated to a most wonderful opportunity this morning by hearing some biblical teaching from the Reverend Ramnarine Ramjeawan, a home missionary serving in Trinidad and supported by the Lumber River Conference of the Holiness Methodist Church (LRCHMC) whose headquarters is located in Pembroke, NC. The Reverend Ramjeawan affectionately known as Brother Nirane chose to speak on the subject of GO. This was a very fitting subject since for the past two years the church has had as its focus three words Know, Grow and Go. This evangelistic effort reminds believers that we are to Know Jesus Christ (Salvation), we are to Grow in Jesus Christ (Christian Discipleship) and to Go into the world and share Jesus Christ (Evangelism).

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