New Bethel Holiness Methodist Church is committed to preach the Gospel, to present Jesus Christ and to promote Christianity and to perform our calling in a manner that is to please God.


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Senior Citizens Day 2015 (New Bethel)

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On September 20th, 2015 New Bethel recognized its Senior Citizens. The children took just a little bit of time and done a small skit along with some meaningful words of encouragement! Also to follow was some gifts that were distributed along with a Sermon from the Pastor. The Title of the Sermon was Grandparents pass it down! Taken from the book of 2 Timothy 1:3-5. There is so much that Grandparents can pass down. But the greatest is their Faith in Jesus Christ! We appreciate all of our Senior Citizens and our Program committee for all their labor.

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Pastor Scott Hammonds

Family Day 2015 (New Bethel)

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On September 26,2015 we gathered together at Mclean park at Myrtle Beach for New Bethel's family day! We had a very good outing which detailed food,games and fellowship! What a beautiful day indeed it was to gather with family and friends! We appreciate all that participated, labored and seen that the food was prepared and most of all thank the Lord for his safe keeping!

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Pastor Appreciation 2015 (New Bethel)

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On August 16th, 2015 we gathered together at New Bethel to celebrate Pastor appreciation day which is a normal tradition for our local churches in the community. We enjoyed some great singing from the Hunt Family, great preaching from one of our Clergy out of our conference the Pastor Robin Hammonds and his Text came from Ephesians 4:7-12. The title of the message was Pastors, God's gift to the Church. One of the things that really stuck in our minds was that the Church has to allow the Pastor to unwrap his gift, so it can be utilized for the Church! ''In other words give him a Chance''! We enjoyed the fellowship, the gifts and many thanks for the Lay Leader and the program committee for putting this on! May God ever Bless the Labors of the People! Also we can't leave out our 2015/ 2016 Mrs. Senior Lumbee Sister Angelita Hunt!

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