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NOTE: In the Journals the last name Lowrey is Spelled Lowry and Lowrey.







Quotes form 1898 MEC Journal

PATES. - This is one of our Indian charges.
Brother Hardy has braved the situation this
year, and captured some 75 warriors for the
church. pg 36

ROWLANDS. - is another Indian charge. Bro.
White has done well. Fifteen have been added
to the church. pg 36



Quotes form 1899 MEC Journal

HH Lowrey Appointment Rowlands pg 3

Number of Full Members at Rowlands 135 pg 19



Quotes from 1900 MEC Journal

HH Lowrey Appointment Pates pg 4

HH Lowrey Bible Society Chairman pg 36




Quotes form 1901 MEC Journal

HH Lowrey Appointment Pates pg 3

Question 5, "Who are continued on trial?" was
taken up. H. H. Lowry was called, the Superintendent
represented him, he being; absent, and on
his motion a committee consisting of W. S. Fitch,
C. M. Levister and Leolan Jackson were appointed
to investigate and report upon his case. pg 10

Question 5 was resumed. The committee appointed
to investigate the case of H. H. Lowry
made the following report: We, your committe beg
leave to recommend that this Conference, through
its committee of correspondence with the Croatan
Indians, inform Brother Lowry that... pg 10

 What others have been Elected and Ordained Deacons?
(a) As local preachers : French R. Lowrey, Cannada C. Lowrey pg 4




Quotes form 1902 MEC Journal

Who have been Discontinued? James W. Wheeler, Henry
H. Lowry pg 4


1900 Book of Discipline
1900_...disp.pdf 8173 kb .pdf



1911 Deacon Credentials for ZR Jacobs
zr_jo...1911.pdf 272 kb .pdf



1917 Elders Credentials for ZR Jacobs
zr_ja...1917.pdf 432 kb .pdf





1938 Book of Discipline
1938_...disp.pdf 11222 kb .pdf



1938(a) I Want To Go There Hymn 60 kb .pdf







1977 George Ransom Obituary
1977_...nsom.pdf 733 kb .pdf



1979 New Bethel Directory
1979_...dict.pdf 4557 kb .pdf



1980 New Bethel Homecoming Program
1980_...Beth.pdf 540 kb .pdf





Some brothers and sisters of HH Lowry
hh_lo...mily.jpg 474 kb .jpg




1950's Pembroke Men's Chorus 

Directed by Ms Mable Oxendine

Featured in song's:

Rev Bobby D. Locklear & Willy Jones (tenor) of New Prospect Holiness Methodist Church 

 Track 1
 Track 2
 Track 3
 Track 4
 Track 5
 Track 6
 Track 7
Music provided by Charles Bryant of New Prospect


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